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Why you should become a Tutor!

Why Should You Become A Tutor?

Script’Ed offers a platform for you to get in contact with students and use your skills to make a lucrative income, achieve personal goals, and develop others in the process. Being a tutor has many benefits one being that the more time you spend expanding a student’s knowledge of a subject the more you would be paid.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should become a tutor at Script’Ed:

  1. Boost a student’s confidence:
    Tutoring is a great way to help boost a student’s confidence. Whether that student is just starting primary school or is an adult learner, when they have someone in their corner helping them learn and believing in them, it makes a huge difference and helps them believe in themselves.
  2. Improve your own confidence:
    For first time tutors it can be insanely nerve-racking, but don’t worry this just keeps you on your toes. Yes, tutoring is a great way to enhance your student’s confidence in the subject or work that they are studying, but that confidence also helps breed confidence in yourself, especially when your student has their first ‘Aha moment’ or that first look of understanding that lights up their face.
  3. Gain experience teaching:
    If you are interested in teaching or working in a classroom setting, then tutoring is the perfect chance to gain more experience. This will also allow you to see if it would be the path you intend on perusing. Besides if you are already on the path to become a teacher, then tutoring gives you that extra edge of experience for your future.
  4. Flexible hours: Tutoring has never been as flexible as it is today and Script’Ed takes advantage of that. We want to make it possible for you to work while perusing your dream career.
  5. Earn extra income:
    While some tutoring is volunteer-based, others can also provide extra income for those unexpected budget changes. Script’Ed wants to break the barrier of having a single job as the only source of income for yourself.

You may be asking yourself wow I want to Tutor here, say no more you can proceed to a Free course called Become a Tutor designed to give you all the information so you may meet our Tutor criteria requirements.

December 21, 2018

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